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Bangalore diaries!!

Thinking of Bangalore, the first thing that comes to your mind is a concrete city , busy people and no time or place for leisure activities. My experience of Bangalore was totally different. The first direct flight from Jaipur reaches Bangalore at 11 a.m. and upon reaching the airport you realize that you've definitely come to a place called 'Silicon Valley'. The Kempegowda International Airport is the India's third busiest airport and that you can feel by looking at the pace at which passengers are moving. It really is a giant airport which is capable of handling the crowd reaching and departing Bangalore. There are a lot of food joints inside and outside of the airport where you can have a quick snack and get ready for your travel to the city. Yes, I used the word "travel" because once you reach the airport, you gotta take a 32 k.m. long ride in order to enter the Bangalore city. But don't feel tired already as the route is so well planned and full of lush greenery that you'll forget that you are going to a city. Consider yourself lucky if the weather compliments you with cool breeze, that is generally the climate of Karnataka, which is really refreshing. 

I knew that I only have a couple of days to explore the city so upon reaching the Hotel and having a cup of tea I headed towards the Jungle Safari at the Bannerghatta National Park. It is located at 30 k.m. distance from the city and you can easily get a cab or a taxi for hire at reasonable rates. One thing that will always fascinate you is the route that you take to travel away from the city. It's always full of greenery and the shades of green that will never fail to pump you up with excitement. Upon reaching the national park you have the options of choosing the Safari bus or a Car for the jungle safari. In order to make it more interesting I opted for the bus. The adventurous ride starts the moment you enter the first gate. I was welcomed by a sleuth of Asian Black Bears who were blocking the road. Everyone started clicking pictures of the rare sight and slowly the bears cleared our path. Moving further, there were a lot of Deers and elephants running wild and free. After more such encounters we entered the final gate which led to the land of majestic Tigers. Believe me, they are seriously one of the most fascinating living beings on earth. So huge in size and so strong that for once you start hoping that you never encounter one without any cage around yourself. Finally this amazing adventure came to an end and I headed back to the city. 

The whole day of adventure was followed by hunger. You realize that you were so lost in having an adventure that you forgot to have a proper meal when your stomach starts making sounds of a dying whale. So in order to calm down my hunger I went to the famous food joint "Nandhana's Kitchen" where you get to taste authentic Karnatak food accompanied by the good ambiance. They serve you on banana leaves which adds to the fun. I ordered their special dish "The Andhara Chicken" and I seriously relished every bite of it. After a day of a lot of travel and adventure you got to have something as good as they served me. After this hectic and fun filled day I got back to the hotel to prepare myself for the next day, waiting for some more surprises.........