About Us


We want to ensure that every travel enthusiast in the country is getting and availed with the best possible experience there is, promoting the theme of sustainable traveling .


About  the company:

There is an intense increase in demand on both local and global level for travel experiences that resonates on a deeper emotional level of the traveler. The travel enthusiasts are looking for more and more offbeat travel experiences than available in general. To cater that ever increasing demands travel industry in India is going through a disruptive change. Travel specialists through out the country are developing products to match the demand.

This unique and new born industry in India itself is very unorganized, the operators offering these unique services and experiences have a limited domain in a particular area of specialization. There is no singular market place on which all these products are accumulated, compared and displayed of different operators & sources.

Videndaa is a unique attempt, founded and developed to approach, agregreate & market all these experiences on a singular platform, thus increasing the approachability of the customer for the product and decreasing the hassle tenfold.