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We want to ensure that every travel enthusiast in the country is getting and availed with the best possible experience there is, promoting the theme of sustainable traveling .

  • utkarsh videndaa


    But the Love of adventure was in father's blood

    Utkarsh Creative Director and Co-founder

    This mad travel hippie at heart was a honors mechanical graduate once but found his ultimate kick of life not in machines but in travelling. Known for his big heart , old school ethics and poor taste in music, this bollywood movie junkie(addict!!) brings a unique traveler's perspective in the team, since he has always been on roll and lived in more 12 states of the country.

  • Anirudh Videndaa


    Life is an adventure in forgiveness

    Anirudh Trek Explorer and Co-founder

    Again a honors engineering graduate with deep people and cultural understanding. Loves to read people and businesses. Well known for his love for food(strictly home made!!) and his "mad for fitness attics" , adds a touch of critical and matured decision making in the otherwise wild team. This Haryana boy has always been the supporter of sustainable traveling and wants to take the travel industry in the country by storm.

  • man


    It's never too late in life to have a genuine adventure

    Pankaj Sharma Marketing Director and Co-founder

    Perhaps the most academically handicapped member of the team. A avid reader , well known for his love for reading , swimming and writing in his small circle of friends. Mostly liked for the sense of comfort and ease he brings on the table during conversation. This Game of thrones and dragon ballzzz fan love the hustle culture of a startup and is workaholic 7 days a week.

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